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Future Forward

Trope Collaborative was one of the founders of Integrative Teaching International (ITI), an art + design organization that focuses on increasing the pedagogical skills of emerging educators at first year art + design foundations. 

ThinkTank is a yearly event to bring together master and emerging educators to focus on a thematic issue and develop options and policies to consider to strengthen content and teaching. We decided to create an academic journal that would cater to the growing membership of administrators and professors and it was names Future Forward.

Methods & Practices

We created an editorial board and Trope Collaborative made the recommendation that the journal would be based on e-publication standards, use Creative Commons licensing, and would be in the form of an interactive pdf. I worked with authors and facilitators to conceptually package seemingly disparate content into a unified form through strong cover design, use of typography, images and color as well as define journal article submission and review criteria that would dovetail into production.

Impact & Outcome

As the publishing industry tries to identify ways for users to access and interact with content from a wide variety of platforms, ITI decided to take a hybrid approach and develop an electronic journal that can be printed on demand by recipients. Adobe Acrobat PDF technology that can be programmed with javascript and electronic bookmarks was used to develop a file that can be electronically distributed internationally and avoid traditional printing and mailing costs.

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