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ID Analysis

Within TSM (Spectrum), Adam was collaborating with many Information and Documentation (ID) professionals. Their work on writing documentation for RedBooks, Release Notes, Techdocs, DCFs and many other forms of product documentation was critical. However, it was not known the volume of work commitments that ID had and the extent of their work efforts. Adam was asked to audit their current ID deliverables and volume of these deliverables.

Methods & Practices

Adam identified three key senior information and documentation resources and we had three working meetings to first go through they types of documentation they go through and the frequency of this documentation for software versions, releases, modifications and fixes. We then discussed where this documentation is posted, either online; or printed. He then took every storage product and mapped the deliverables for each online or printed use. This then provided a one page overview that was needed to talk with management about resources to deliverables. 

Impact & Outcome

This audit had not been done before and the three key senior information and documentation had never created such a view before. They were very surprised by the amount of work the collective ID organization was doing for storage. Management had never seen one view of ID deliverables before and they were able to understand the amount and frequency of ID activities and were able to determine which activities and deliverables should stop or continue to meet the needs of the storage division. 

Project Downloads

This is the final report of findings to management. Based on this report, ID and management was able to prioritize their workload.

Final ID Storage Deliverables Report