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The Jellies campaign, created to support a new Jellies exhibit, was a collaborative venture of the Shedd graphic design and the marketing teams. Design developed the look and tagline of the campaign and crafted each of over fifty visual implementations. Marketing determined the scope, messaging, media placement and promotional relationships and opportunities.

Methods & Practices

The goal was to educate and inform on the mesmerizing beauty and amazing lifestyle of jellies. The exhibit was conceived of and developed by an in-house collaboration of the exhibit, graphic design and marketing teams working with the aquarists. This synergy allowed for a comprehensive approach between the visual look and messaging of the exhibit and campaign experiences. In both the exhibit and campaign, a dramatic colorflow leads from a calm blue to a heated bright orange, which suggests oceans out of balance. In the campaign, boldly colored jellies are silhouetted on white. They are not naturalistic, but instead prepare visitors for the colorful exhibit experience. The logo typography is a bold sans serif, modified with organic details.

Impact & Outcome

The public response to Jellies through the integration of advertising, broadcast, transit wraps and street banners was overwhelming and was one of the highest ticketed exhibitions at The Shedd Aquarium.

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