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Online security conjures all sorts of conflicting feelings, depending on who you are. Companies that provide security services have mushroomed and usually focus on hardware and software. Nexum is a unique Chicago-based company that wanted to merge traditional third-party sales of products and software with services and training. They had created their own identity as a small start-up, but felt their efforts did not reflect the growth of the company.

Methods & Practices

Trope Collaborative facilitated several sessions and used a unique gestalt psychology tool, Working Impressions, to focus on areas to articulate a new platform of associations and attributes that reflected their growth curve. From these terminologies, a focused exploration of ways to create a sense of security without all the stereotypical use of locks and sharp edges. Closure, direction and growth were used to visualize an ever growing and complex series of parts to feel secure and accessible. 

Impact & Outcome

The journey Trope Collaborative took Nexum management through to revisit the purpose and goals of the company and how they could be expressed through a contemporary identity system aligned them to the proposed identity system. Further, the new identity within a landscape of predictable security identities was unique and could stand out in a crowded marketplace where most companies blended in.

Project Downloads

This presentation demonstrated to Nexum management the exploration of identity concepts.

Nexum Concept Presentation