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IBM and IBM Design called for the design of posters to celebrate the research centers around the world as well as to highlight IBM Design Thinking at the company.

Methods & Practices

For the IBM Design Thinking poster, Adam wanted to highlight the re-introduction of design at IBM and played up words that started with "Re" which has a double meaning : "to go back" and "in the matter of". He wanted the poster to be able to hold its own on a wall with other types of wall elements as well as be seen as far away as possible. 

For the Almaden Research Center poster, Adam reviewed the history of this research center and he also had visited it on business for IBM. Taking content from the 100th anniversary book on IBM : Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company there were six key concepts that defined IBM as an innovative company. I used these terms along with "Think" to connect our history and dedication to research for innovation.

Impact & Outcome

The IBM Design Thinking poster won third place and the Almaden Research Center poster was chosen.

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