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Trope Collaborative has had the opportunity to be interviewed about strategy, design, and technology.
Design Feast Series: Designer’s Quest(ionnaire)
Nate Bugos, the curator of Design Feast, interviews designers. He chose me to be the first one and hopefully set the tone for the dozens of interviews he has done since.
American Design and Master Craft Initiative (ADMCi)
Design In The Moment 85: Adam Kallish

Jim Jacoby & Jim Cohen interview Adam Kallish as part of their Design In The Moment series. Design, and specifically user-centered design, has evolved and will continue to evolve as producers try and keep pace with the needs of the consumer. From the advent of the industrial revolution to the impact that war plays on innovation and technology, Adam’s historical analysis definitely makes us think twice about how we’ve gotten to where we are today.
Interview on Design Methods
Launching the Imagination: A Guide to Two Dimensional Design
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Mary Stewart, Author
Launching the Imagination is one of the main textbooks for art foundations and is a major source of information on art and design concepts and techniques. As art and design has migrated to address methodologies and their articulation as a skill, Mary Stewart wanted to include in the book a section that focused on Problem Seeking and Problem Solving. This overview of design methods is customized for incoming freshman.
An American Scholar Looks at Design in India
SPAN Magazine : United States
Information Agency
Orajit Sen
December 1991
Pages 9 to 11
This is an interview about Adam Kallish's views on design in India when he was at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Adam discusses his research interest in the history of the National Institute of Design and his visits to NID alumni around the sub-continent.