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Trope Collaborative has had the opportunity to be interviewed about strategy, design, and technology.
AIGA Chicago
InForm was the main local journal on design.
When is the Facade a Fallacy?

inForm : AIGA Chicago

Volume 13, Number 1


Page 16-22

A fun look at when buildings were painted with advertising messages. Co-created with Paul Gehl of the Newberry Library.

Forums Without Principle

inForm : AIGA Chicago

Volume 14, Number 3


Page 23-30

Focused on design conferences as a business model and exploring if design conferences have any impact on the profession.
Design Management Journal
Dedicated to design as a strategic business resource.
Managing Ambiguities: the Impact of Digital Technologies on Design Relationships

Design Management Journal

Volume 11, Number 3

Summer 2000

00113KAL38 Page 38-45

Design is technology intensive, yet the processes that were used to manage design had not changed. This article explored these issues that were facing managing design relationships.
FATE in Review
FATE is a journal centered on college art-foundation theory.
Social Networking for Learning Communities: Using e-portfolios, blogs, wikis, pod-casts, and other internet based tools in the foundation art studio.
FATE in Review is the journal for Foundations in Art : Theory in Education (FATE) that focuses on the development and teaching of college-level Foundation courses.
Foundations of Augmented Cognition
Adaptive Learning via Social Cognitive Theory and Digital Cultural Ecosystems

International Conference on Foundations of Augmented Cognition

FAC 2009: Foundations of Augmented Cognition.

Neuroergonomics and Operational Neuroscience pp 611-619

This paper looked at the human predisposition to oral tradition and its effectiveness as a learning tool to convey mission-critical information. After exploring the effectiveness of the conveyance of information, the paper will examine current adaptive learning research and develop a system that will marry the strengths of oral tradition with those of an optimal adaptive learning environment.
Journal of Integrative Teaching International
Leading Change

Breakout Group

The goal of this transcription was to capture the dimensions of leadership for change, using critical, connective, constructive and creative thinking based on the ideas of Howard Gardner.
Changing Leadership


This was an afterward based on the ThinkTank that focused on leading change at the academic level and tried to tie the diverse ideas of the breakout teams into changing the definition and qualities of leadership.