for a wide variety of sectors.


How do you get visitors to find key landmarks, places to see and parking when the municipality is 46 square miles bordered by a major highway? By taking a systematic approach and thinking differently.

Future Forward

Design Foundation programs are critical to introduce design students to the basics of design.

Guided Support

Users use Google to find where things are on the internet. Welcome integrating artificial intelligence, bots, and interactive language to solving problems.

Henry Darger

Bringing an outsider artist in.

ID Analysis

Information and Documentation (ID) is a critical role in having users and administrators take advantage of a digital platform. With automation and artificial intelligence, what is the role of information and documentation?


Network Operations Centers are critical to the functioning of the internet. Nexum was a dark horse company that approached NOC security in new ways and wanted an identity that reflected their philosophy.


Enterprise clients who have significant issues with digital platforms want their problems solved right away. How do reduce the pain and risk? Rethink the way these problems are identified, monitored and solved.


Reducing collateral damage in contested territories by providing squads with real time information through augmented reality technologies to safely help them accomplish their field objectives.

Charlie Trotter

The late Charlie Trotter reinvigorated American cuisine- a visionary that wanted a different type of cookbook that he felt did not exist. Designing something that is both new and familiar by taking a different approach.

Future Forward 2

Guided Support 2


How do you evaluate visual and interaction design from a usability perspective? Heuristic analysis provided a clear analysis of the pluses and minuses of using the system.


Jellyfish are one of most simple and complex sea animals in the ocean and their diversity of shape and color is incredible. Changing the perception of the public by creating a powerful integrated story.


Corporations want to celebrate their accomplishments by communicating the aspirations and facts in a visually engaging way. IBM has a strong history of great posers. Here are a few more.

WW Grainger

Icons are everywhere, but do they really help users. WW Grainger, the largest facility maintenance supplier wanted to improve its OSHA iconography for its products. It was a deeper problem then that.

File Restore

If you have a corrupt file, how do you restore it on an enterprise system? System administrators and support usually do this through help tickets. IBM wanted a self-serve portal for end users to do it.

Future Forward 3

Guided Support 3

IBM Application

When people apply for jobs, they are rarely asked to complete a two day exam. At IBM, Adam was asked to complete three key tasks. His package was one of the most comprehensive delivered to IBM Storage.

Linux on Power

IBM Power is a major appliance platform that runs Watson. However, it is difficult to develop for and most want to use Intel. How do you get developers to use Linux on Power? By making it easy for them to find resources.

Randallstown UDAT

An at-risk upper middle-class African-American suburb with many social issues affecting the community. An AIA Urban Design Assistance team collaborated to provide thoughtful analysis.


ZeroZero logo identity.

Adam's style is highly collaborative and includes clear communication of outcomes and expectations, full team engagement, and thorough idea exploration. More than just a leader, Adam is a teacher - taking the time to ensure all team members understand the critical design concepts, while displaying an innovative curiosity that is contagious to others.

Chris Foltz
Director, Systems Client Experience at IBM